This section contains ‘technical’ information on each reading text, such as the IT sub-areas the article covers, the length of the text expressed as the number of words, the level of English language complexity, computer science or maths content, summaries in English and Polish, keywords with their definitions and learning objectives. This part has been designed for both teachers and students to make their preliminary choices for reading easier. The evaluation of the English level difficulty and subject matter complexity has been provided by the students.

Anatomy of the Linux Kernel by Tim Jones
Computer Facial Animation from Wikipedia
Computer Simulation from Wikipedia
Cyber Warfare: Reality or Box Office Hit? by Randy Nash
Evolutionary Database Design by Martin Fowler, Pramod Sadalage
History of Computers by Roderick Hames
How to Stream Video over a Network or the Internet by Damien Stolarz
ILOVEYOU Worm from Wikipedia
An Introduction to the Modelling of Real-World Problems by the Simplest Ordinary Differential Equations by Stanisław Migórski
Lord Palmerston on Programming by Joel Spolsky
Mechanical Models of Artery Walls Chapter 3: History of Artery Wall Modelling by Piotr Kalita, Robert Schaefer
The Pitch Correction Algorithm by Robert Ahlfinger, Brenton Cheeseman, Patrick Doody
Quake - Game Engine from Wikipedia
Software Development Process from Wikipedia
Writing Software Patterns by Martin Fowler