Cyber Warfare: Reality or Box Office Hit?

Randy Nash

Number of words 1600
Computer science content medium
English language complexity medium

Sub-areas covered

Learning objectives


cyber vandalism (cybernatyczny wandalizm)
cyber attacks that deface web pages
combination of words: “hack(er)” and “activism”
Denial of Service
a kind of cyber attack which results in unavailability of service. It uses two methods: forcing the targeted computer(s) to reset, thus consuming its resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service; or obstructing the communication media between the intended users and the victim so that they can no longer communicate adequately.
computer used by large companies for critical operations like financial transaction processing
a program used on the Internet that performs a repetitive function such as posting a message to multiple newsgroups or searching for information or news
a collection of software robots, or bots linked and cooperating with each other
cyber war
the use of computers and the Internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace


A short text which is a good introduction to the topic of network security. There is a presentation of cyberterrorism as a new threat. The majority of people are not yet aware of how dangerous this phenomenon is. The author gives examples of the largest attacks in the past and describes the most popular techniques. The article is also a good introduction to a long discussion about prevention, awareness of the threat and the future

Krótki tekst wprowadzający w tematykę bezpieczeństwa w sieci. Przedstawia wizję zupełnie nowego rodzaju zagrożenia jakim jest cyberterroryzm. Autorem jest Randy Nash, który oprócz kilku artykułów na portalu, prowadzi swój własny blog nt związane z bezpieczeństwem w sieci. Autor podaje przykłady największych ataków w historii i opisuje pokrótce kilka najpopularniejszych technik. Artykuł ponadto prowokuje do dyskusji o świadomości zagrożenia, prewencji i przyszłości.

Pre-reading questions

  1. What does the threat of cyber terrorism mean to you?
  2. Where, in your opinion, does the main threat of cyber terrorism come from?
  3. Have you thought about the threat of cyber terrorism?