Agile Software Development - Excercises

Comprehension questions

Audio clip 1

  1. What is the basis of creating a good project?
    • interaction, collaboration, morale, a sense of community
  2. How is the idea of interaction realized during:
    1. planning? (working as a group; brain storming, etc.)
    2. design? (pair programming)
  3. Which tools are used to help communication?
    • sound, video, archiving, online chat, etc.

Audio clip 2

  1. What does the idea of customer collaboration focus on?
    • working out the contract in co-operation with customer

Audio clip 3

  1. Is the plan for a project unchangeable? What happens if the situation during a project changes?
    • no; there needs to be flexible adjustment to the situation and quick re-planning

Audio clip 4

  1. What are the different forms of documentation during a project? Give examples. (white-board photos, videotapes of designers discussing at the white board, traditional written documentation)
  2. What is the main purpose of doing documentation?
    • capturing the intentions of a developer

Possible topics for discussion

  1. Is Agile software development always the best way to make software? (advantages/disadvantages)
  2. One of the priorities in Agile is customer collaboration. How would you imagine this collaboration if you were developing software for billions of people around the globe?
  3. How would you design the process of preparing documentation to make this less time-consuming?