Open News Episode 29

A Weekly Open Source News Podcast

Running time 6'23
Computer science content high
Business content medium
English language complexity high


Sub-areas covered

Learning objectives


Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu
examples of linux distributions
a software company formerly called Caldera Systems and Caldera Inter- national. After acquiring the Santa Cruz Operation’s Server Software and Services divisions, as well as UnixWare and OpenServer technologies, the company changed its focus to UNIX. Later on, Caldera changed its name to The SCO Group to reflect that change in focus.
software license (licencja na oprogramowanie)
(UK spelling: licence) - there are several important IT licenses like GNU GPL(open source), Mozilla Public License or Microsoft Public License
one of the most popular web browsers (after Internet Explorer)
Microsoft Public Licence
Microsoft Reciprocal Licence


This is a podcast with interesting news from the open source community. In this recording we hear about:

Jest to podcast z ciekawymi informacjami ze świata open source. W tym materiale możemy usłyszeć kilka krótkich wiadomości: