Open News Episode 25

A Weekly Open Source News Podcast

Running time 4'05
Computer science content high
Business content medium
English language complexity medium


Sub-areas covered

Learning objectives


software (oprogramowanie)
in general - computer programs
bug (bug, błąd)
error in software, something that spoils the flow of the program
an American public corporation whose domain is open-source software and whose earning revenue from advertising related to its Internet search, webbased e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking and video sharing activities.
desktop (computer)
a personal computer used at home or work (stationary)
getting/transferring files (software, music, films, etc.) from a remote computer via the Internet
OS (Operating System) (system operacyjny)
a piece of software that is responsible for the management of a computer and, above all, running programs (examples: MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
a protocol for sharing and distributing computer files via the Internet


Part 1 Goobuntu Confirmed

This audio clip is about the introduction of the operating system designed by Google to the market.

Part 2 Windows As Punishment

This audio clip tells the story of the man who was convicted of illegally downloading a film via the Internet and then forced to use the MS Windows operating system as part of his sentence.

Część 1 Goobuntu Confirmed

Treścią nagrania jest informacja o wprowadzanym na rynek przez firmę Google systemie operacyjnym.

Część 2 Windows As Punishment

Nagranie opowiada historię osoby, która będąc oskarżoną o nielegalne ściągnięcie filmu przez Internet, została zmuszona do używania SO Windows, co było rezultatem wyroku.