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a rectangular table of elements (or entries), which may be numbers or, more generally, any abstract quantities that can be added and multiplied
free/open source, Unix-like operating system (OS) based on a microkernel architecture
model for the system
a set of differential equations describing the behaviour of a system
Monte Carlo method (metoda Monte Carlo)
a computational algorithm which relies on repeated random sampling to compute its results
morphing (morfing)
a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image into another through a seamless transition
motion capture
refers to the technique of recording the actions of human actors, and using that information to animate digital character models in 3D animation
Microsoft Public Licence
Microsoft Reciprocal Licence


network protocol (protokół sieciowy)
a set of rules that governs communications between computers in a network.


ordinary differential equation - a relation that contains functions of only one independent variable, and one or more of its derivatives with respect to that variable
Open Handset Alliance™, a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies who have developed Android, the first complete, open, and free mobile platform
operating system (system operacyjny)
the software that manages the sharing of the resources of a computer and provides programmers with an interface used to access those resources
OS (Operating System) (system operacyjny)
a piece of software that is responsible for the management of a computer and, above all, running programs (examples: MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS)


pair programming (programowanie w parach)
a software development technique in which two programmers work together at one keyboard. One types in code while the other reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The person typing is called the driver. The person reviewing the code is called the observer or navigator. The two programmers switch roles frequently.
patterns book
a book on design patterns
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