About our group

Monika Stawicka (teacher) Positive group coordinator. The source of her joy and optimistic attitude remains unknown.

Paweł Bogdan The owner of the best winter outfit ever. The man of snow and winter. He can solve this:

Dawid Bujak If you are wondering if David is in the building, just stop and listen for a while. You should be able to hear him.

Mirosław Farajewicz The one who never does any homework but always has an answer for everything.

Gabriel Fortin Fancies dancing more than English.

Mateusz Malik True lover of THE REAL coffee and isomorphisms.

Mateusz Nowak Heavy weight representative of our group and living proof that IT people are capable of doing sports.

Arkadiusz Olek Boss of all bosses and self-appointed benevolent group coordinator, most chilled-out guy in the group, Google fanatic.

Jonasz Pamuła Heavy sleeper during the lectures.

Tomasz Służalec Alpha-boy, Mensa member, helpful winger & a big Apple fan.

Maciej Snopczyński He is like a solar eclipse - he turns up rarely but when he does everybody makes a big deal out of it.

Piotr Sobotowski Most religious man in the group - he always says "I believe... we'll all pass that exam".

Arkadiusz Sroka Haven't you understood the last lecture? Don't worry. He has managed to do it... better than the professor.

Bartosz Szabucki Drinks only mineral water.

Grzegorz Wątroba Do you know what political correctness is? - He doesn't.